Covered Belts/Buckles

We are happy to accept orders for covered belts and buckles via mail order, from Australia or Internationally. For International orders, postage is calculated at the time of order. If you have any questions, please check  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ or contact us.

A complete belt includes a covered belt, a covered buckle and a keeper.

The starting point is to decide the width of the buckle, waist measurement and buckle style.  Scroll down for buckle styles. 

Consult the price list to complete the order form, after printing.  Include the order form with your fabric and mail to Buttonmania.

How much material to send?  Our rule of thumb is:

  • 3 times the belt width
  • 10 inches (25 cm) longer than the waist measurement - which allows for overlap at the end of the belt & attaching the buckle at the other end of the belt
  • Piece of fabric 10 inches (25 cm) square for the buckle and the keeper

Should joins be necessary include $1.00 per join.

Identify the right side of the fabric clearly.

$5.00 extra for fabric requiring a lining or a sheer over another fabric.

We make every effort to match eyelets from our range of colours.

Allow 7 working days for completion of belt orders. (Double the price for express processing.)

Complete belts:         ½ inch (20 mm) to 1 ½ inch (30 mm)    $30.00 ($32.50 if interfacing is required) 

                                    2 inch (50 mm) – 3 inch (75mm)            $35.00 ($37.50 if interfacing is required)

Buckle only:  $8.50 minimum order for a buckle, plus Postage and Handling

Within Australia

Postage and Handling:                          

All belts within Australia sent out Express Post $12.00 (may include button orders) so that they can be tracked. 


Postage is calculated at the time of order.  Please contact us.

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